Karate-Do Festival “Here We Are”

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dodano 11/04/2021

On December 3 and 4, 2021, the Karate-Do Festival for people with disabilities “Here’s Us” will be held in Krakow. The event will be held on the occasion of the World Day of People with Disabilities.

The organizer of the festival is the Polish Traditional Karate Union and the Academy of Traditional Karate Niepołomice-Kraków.

Dates: December 3-4, 2021
Place: Sports Hall of the 100th anniversary of KS Cracovia, Krakow, Aleja Focha 40
Cost: free participation

The festival will be a unique meeting of people with disabilities. Its purpose is to support you in overcoming barriers and overcoming your own weaknesses. We want to break stereotypes, build social bonds and promote karate for people with disabilities.

We want sport to be an opportunity to be together, cooperate and activate people with disabilities. We want festival participants to have fun and to discover their inner strength at the same time – explains Paweł Janusz, president of the Polish Traditional Karate Union, who for many years has been conducting trainings for people with disabilities and engaging them to participate in various trips and events.

Friday, December 3, will be the day of karate shows and various sports animations. Participants will also be able to take part in training with the world champion Paweł Janusz. On Friday, we will mainly invite schools, foundations and self-help homes that look after people with disabilities.

Main event: sports competition and performances of disabled people are scheduled for Saturday, December 4 during the Traditional Karate Santa Claus Tournament, which will be played simultaneously in the hall. Festival participants will take part in the kata competition on the central mat and present the shows they have prepared.

Participation in the event will be tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of the participants. People who want to take part in a typical competition will be able to take part in the kata competition (you can choose any kata), and even in the team kata. There will also be an option to present an individual show (e.g. an executioner show, a pack hitting show, etc.). Free outfit (you can, for example, wear a tracksuit or a caravan). Healthy people can also participate in group shows (the condition is the participation of at least one disabled person). The show should last a maximum of 2 minutes. There are no limits in other matters – we count on creativity. Music and various effects are welcome.

A medal, diploma and a gift from Santa Claus are waiting for each participant of the Festival.

The festival will give a chance to compete on the same terms as in the case of non-disabled people. Effort, dedication and a spirit of competition bring a lot of fun and help overcome weaknesses. People with disabilities need mobilization and faith that despite health limitations, they can pursue their passions, compete with others and make their dreams come true.

Applications: at the AKT Niepołomice office, tel. +48 12 346 42 00, 533 508 499, biuro@karate4u.pl .
In the application, please indicate: number of participants, type of performance, duration, e.g.

group of 3 karate fighters, kata show, duration: 1.5 minutes ,
be: 1 person, start in individual kata .

Guests wishing to stay at the 17 Rooms Hotel , which is located in the building of the KS Cracovia 100th Anniversary Hall together with the Disabled Sports Center in Krakow, are kindly asked to read the offer available here.

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